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Protect Your Smile!Lumibright

According to the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation there are on average 1 million dental injuries related to sporting activities in the US annually. Many of these injuries could have been prevented by wearing sports mouth guards.

We offer mouth guards made of a non-compressible perforated material that prevent them from caving in the way conventional mouth guards sometime do. They're also designed to distribute impact force over larger areas, which means less risk of dental injury.

Despite their superior protection, they're only about 1/3 as thick as conventional mouth guards. They allow you to breath and drink effortlessly, and they're so ultra-thin and comfortable you'll probably forget you're wearing it. That's important for health reasons, too. They have been shown to reduce the transfer of germs caused by the frequent removal and adjusting of uncomfortable mouth guards.

colorsThese mouth guards are light and strong, and can even be worn over braces. They can even be remolded at home to ensure a continuing perfect fit.

Even the best mouth guards are only as good as their fit. Call (856) 983-9620 today to schedule a visit to select your mouth guard and have it professionally fitted.